The Importance Of Forgiving My Family

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Most people when they do something wrong they want to be forgiven so they can move on. They feel as if they need to be forgive because if they are not it will eat at their soul and make them hate themselves. Sadly, my relatives specifically my aunt did not feel that way.
Last year my aunt died of breast cancer and it affected my mother badly even though they were not on good terms. My mother ultimately forgave her before she died so she can find peace and move on. Did her sister ask for her forgiveness though, that is something that mother has not told me. I was extremely baffled when my mom asked me to forgive her as well. My reaction was full of anger and disgust. How can I forgive someone who has not asked for forgiveness and who has not
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They are the reason for my mental health issues and my parents’ physical health issues. They divided brothers and also my parents and treated us with hatred for many years. I felt as if I was cheated by people who I trusted and who were very close to us. They harmed us for no reason even though my family has done many kinds thing for them and helped them out in difficult situations that seems impossible to solve.
They turned my strong feelings of love into hatred. The dilemma of forgiving my aunt just because she was dying did not seem fair to me. Why would I forgive her just so she can “move on” or feel better about dying? I do not care if she goes to hell because of the mistakes she has done against and without I deserved a sincere apologize I will not grant her forgiveness. I was constantly told I was wrong for not forgiving her and that it was a selfish thing but this is what was best for me. About a month before she died my mom forced me to talk to her and that maybe I would change my mind but it made me angrier. She had no sign of remorse and compared her sickness to the how many saints died because she was a religious woman. I was furious and told her she was not saint and hung up. I gave her a chance to make things better however she showed me that she could care less if she is actually sorry. All she wanted was just forgiveness so she can move on with nothing on her

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