The Parenting Styles And Corporal Punishment Essay

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The main topic of this lecture is different parenting styles, to be more specific Holden talked about “positive parenting” and “corporal punishment”. I believe George Holden chose to focus on parenting styles because corporal punishment has become a common parenting approach, with over 70% of families participating. The speaker wants to introduce and convince families to a better parenting style. Holden presents a paradoxical argument that argues the way to empower children and parents is to disempower parents. One subject that he touches on is corporal punishment and its unintended side effects. He transitions from speaking about a “traditional” parenting orientation, to what he considers a better option, “positive” parenting. Furthering in detail, he speaks on the lite and strong parts of “positive” parenting and its core practices. The lite approach involves warmth, sensitivity, and monitoring, while the strong approach includes guidance, cooperation, and non-violent respect.
Holden had three primarily talking points about “positive parenting” and “corporal punishment.” Primarily, Holden focuses on discrediting the traditional parenting approach. He does this by speaking on the possible negative effects of spanking children, considering the approach to be parent-based, and using negative connotations with words such as slapping and other “physical-abuse.”
Secondly, he spoke on the “revolution of positive parenting.” He considers this approach to be empowering for…

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