Essay about The Pain Of Police Killings

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In his article, “The Pain of Police Killings Can Last For Decades,” Ben Greenberg states that the grief that comes from an unjust police killing can last in the family for generations. His thesis statement is, “But long after the demonstrations end, the streets go quiet and the cameras leave, families of those killed have to find ways to cope with their loss” (Greenberg, 2016, para. 1). The audience for this article is anyone who might be interested or uninformed about unjust police killings. The purpose of this article was to inform people who were otherwise not informed about unjust police killings and its effect over generations. This article contains examples of ethos, logos, and pathos. Pathos, being the most commonly used of the three, helps drive home the real message of the article with a healthy support of logos and ethos. This essay will analyze the effectiveness of Ben Greenberg’s use of rhetoric on the controversial topic that is police shootings. Ben Greenberg seems to be a highly qualified writer, especially on this specific topic. “He is a founding member of the Civil Rights Cold Case Project. His work has appeared in USA Today, Colorlines, The American Prospect, The Clarion-Ledger and elsewhere” ( 2016). Being an active member of the Civil Rights Cold Case Project, it is perfectly clear that this article’s subject matter is within his profession jurisdiction. His voice throughout the article is strong and authoritative, giving off the impression that…

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