Essay on The Outbreak Of The Civil War

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The outbreak of the Civil War was brought on by a number of issues, acts and debates throughout the 1850’s and early 1860’s. However, the event that was the kickoff for these major turning events in history was the Mexican-American War. It was a national debate regarding whether slavery should enter the country, when the United States needed to determine what to do with the land they gained from the war. After the war, leaders in the 1850s began to compromise. Their compromises did nothing to help solve the issue, all it seemed to do was intensify the issue.
The early 1850’s had a large impact on the outbreak of the Civil War. In the Compromise of 1850, the slave trade in Washington DC was banned, the boundary between Texas and Mexico was settled as a result of popular sovereignty, and stricter federal fugitive slave laws were founded. The map shows California coming in as a free state, which was troubling because this caused an uneven amount of free states and slave states (Document A). The Compromise also strengthened the Fugitive Slave Act, an act that forced Northerners to capture and return runaway slaves to the South. This contributed to the Civil War because the North was angry they had to capture and return slaves, and the South was frustrated that there were now more free states than slave states. Following the Compromise of 1850 was a novel titled Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Stowe was appalled by the Fugitive Slave Act, which passed as a…

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