The Original Story Of The Snow Queen, By Hans Christian

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The cauldron of story is a metaphor used to help understand the formation and adaption of myths and fantasy. The metaphor identifies a cauldron as a massive pot holding all aspects of stories that simmer and brew together forming the soup which is served up by the author/storyteller as the story itself. The bones found in the soup represent the different aspects that make up the story such as the characters, the traits, the location, the foe, etc. And over time it can be hard to pull out the bones of one individual without the bones of others coming along too. History is often added to the cauldron such as historical figures but those historical figures that enter the cauldron are changed and altered, becoming bigger and better. Over time the …show more content…
The mirror shattered and the shards infect a young boy named Kai, making him cold and cruel. The Snow Queen then takes the boy away and the rest of the story follows a young girl named Gerda, who is Kai best friend, who travels the world to rescue him. The story ends with Gerda finding Kai and freeing him from the mirror shards and they journey home. The Snow Queen herself plays a neutral and insignificant role in the story, and simple takes Kai away and goes about her own life. The story ends with a happily ever after. Frozen follows the story of two sisters and their struggles together and individually, with one of the sister being the snow queen. The story start with Elsa (the snow queen in this version of the story) having powers over the snow and ice, she develops a close relationship with her younger sister which is short live due to her inability to control her powers. Her power and herself is then suppressed and her parents pass away. When the girls are older the powers are exposed leading to the snow queen running away and causing unintentional havoc. The younger sister sets out on a journey to bring her sister back and faces new friends and foes along the way. The story ends with a happily ever after for all the characters. With the original Snow queen story added to the cauldron of the story it has allowed authors and

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