The Origin Of The Word Devils By Moses Maimonides Essays

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Although not named directly, one of the main significant signs of the goat god Pan and Azazel’s existence in the Bible comes alive when the Israelite’s are warned, “And they shall no more offer their sacrifices unto devils [goatmen] after whom they gone a whoring” (Lev 17:7). Namely, this strong acknowledgement of the people’s sexual attachment to goat creatures is undeniable, for the word devils (Seirim) in this scripture means the idolatrous involvement with goats, worshipped by the Egyptians.
The twelfth century Jewish author and historian, Moses Maimonides, gives light to this passage by informing people that the Zabian idolater’s worshipped demons under the figure of goats. Furthermore, the Lashairim, rendered devils, exist on monuments in Egypt as the SERAU. The Seirim multiplied into other nations that followed this belief as it continued duplicating itself and became known by similar names such as sair, satyrs, seir, of goat beings, etc., within early Semitic areas. Along with Herodotus, various eyewitnesses’ reported of their travels in the country of Egypt; such as historical scholars like Strabo, Pindar, and Plutarch that experienced displays of public intercourse of women with goats that represented the god Pan. To this end, for the Egyptians, this ‘reverence’ became part of their religion as they paid divine honors to real goats; similarly, is also written about in the table of the goddess Isis. This custom was learned by the Hebrews from the Egyptians to…

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