The Origin Of Pauline Resurrection Essays

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At some time through out our lives we all contemplate what happens to us when we die. If there is or isn’t a life after death. Paul was challenged with trying to answer these same questions for his new congregations. This essay will highlight some key tensions within Paul’s concept of resurrection and provide evidence for the argument that his idea evolved to address the specific needs of each community, he was communicating with. The first section of this essay provide background information on the origin of Pauline resurrection as well as outline tensions within Paul explanation of the Parousia. The second part of this essay will focus on what the immortal body is along with adherence to the ten commandants to achieve it. The third part of this essay will focus in on Paul’s move towards preaching about faith alone in Christ and movement away from law.

Paul believed that Jesus would resurrect within his life time. This however did not come to pass leaving his resurrection theology open to criticism. Did Jesus reveal to Paul his concept of resurrection during Paul’s apocalypse or did Paul make this up? There is no way to determine whether or not Paul truly did learn of resurrection from Jesus. The most probable explanation would be that Paul’s idea of resurrection originates from his Jewish background. The idea of resurrection is not mentioned in the old testament explicitly. However, there are references made to the idea that “Jews begin to assert that physical death does…

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