Biblical Worldview Essay From The Book Of Romans

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Biblical Worldview Essay from the Book of Romans


Perspectives, standards, dispositions each of these make up a portion of how people view, relate, and respond to the world around them. Is there a right way for a Christian to view the world? What does the Bible say about how I relate with others and view myself? How does one respond to the influences of the culture? The Christian must look work out the answers to these questions through the grid of Scripture. Though not a book written for systematic theology, Paul addresses each of these questions as he walks through God’s wrath, righteousness, holiness, and redemption in his letter to the believers in Rome.

The Natural World

God created the world and everything in it to ultimately bring glory to Himself (Isa. 43:7). Since the beginning of creation God’s attributes, power and nature have been made manifest proving His existence (Rom. 1:20) Thus His Creation is left without excuse for their unbelief. When sin entered the world through Adam man fell short of God’s glory (5:12; 3:23). Consequently, God, who is just, has to punish all ungodliness and unrighteousness of those who utterly reject His truth. Those who reject Him have no excuse because God has made Himself evident to them. (1:18-19). Simply by looking at God’s creation He has revealed Himself to us. Hence we can know God’s purpose for the world is still in effect, God is even now punishing sin and God is pursuing a relationship with His creation.…

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