Analysis Of Paul's Sacrificing His Son Of Jesus

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Introduction What is true sacrifice? In part, it can be described as placing a higher priority on someone else’s needs comparatively to our own no matter how they have treated us. Similarly in Romans 1-8, the Apostle Paul described how the Lord created Earth because He wanted to have a personal relationship with everyone. However, mankind turned away from Him and followed after their sinful passions leading to a downward spiral of righteousness in society. Despite this, God had a plan to save us through sacrificing His Son, Jesus Christ.
Natural World The natural world was a physical place created by God for the purpose of revealing Himself to man, but sin forever changed it. To begin with, the Lord desired for man to get a grander picture of Himself through His creation. In Romans, Paul reiterated how the world around us was filled with evidence of God’s existence
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Paul understood that because of their choice humanity had rejected the Lord and disobeyed Him. In turn, none of them had a true desire to follow after God’s ways (Romans 3:10-12). Paul was reminding believers both in the past and present that we cannot display a sense of true godliness exclusively through ourselves. Ultimately, only God can have this effect upon us by working through our lives, and He should receive the glory for this. Perhaps the Lord can even use these actions to soften the hearts of non-believers. In today’s society, the true definition of living in a Christian manner has become less clear. Despite this ungodliness, on numerous occasions in Romans Paul reminded his readers that there is still hope for man because of the opportunity of salvation offered through Christ (Romans 5:8-9). All in all, when we look at today’s culture, we must realize it will never totally be perfect until Jesus Christ one day reigns. In the meantime, we can look forward to the hope He has given us and share it with

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