Paul's Epistles Analysis

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Christians today understand the New Testament as a central part of their religion. Many of the writings, besides the Gospels, are attributed to Paul. Romans, one of Paul’s epistles, stands out because of its length, detail and writing style. The letter to Romans outlines Paul’s personal theology and details the nature of God’s love and justification. While Paul highlights several points about a myriad of topics, in Romans 8:31-39, he focuses on the cornerstone of his faith. As Paul explains, the Father demonstrated His love by choosing to bind himself with all who have faith in the sacrifice and atonement of Jesus’ blood. This passage concludes that the power of God’s active love triumphs over any adversary; Paul speaks of this great hope and …show more content…
Paul resumes the rhetorical strategy of posing broad questions to answer and support his own thesis that God’s triumph over everything implies Christian’s triumph over everything. In verse 33, Paul reflects on a judicial structure of defining faith by questioning the possibility of alternative plaintiffs (NIB 611). The fact that God justifies cancels all possible claims of any witness raising against a Christian. This verse perfectly fits with the rest of Romans because Paul spent much of the exposition in a metaphorical court room identifying the process by which Christ’s actions atone for all sins. At this point, Paul has established that the strength of God’s love is proven through His actions; since He is the one who judges and He is the one who loves us, there is nothing to fear. In essence, Paul notes that the judge of the universe works on believer’s behalves. Moreover, in verse 34, he continues to teach that no one can condemn because Christ died, rose, and now intercedes. This verse alludes to several prophecies in Isiah about a suffering servant who would come to rescue through grief (OBSO). Believers’ assurance of their right standing with God is evident through Jesus’ actions and Jesus’ stance at the right hand of

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