The Organization Of Youth Soccer Teams Essay

1005 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
Thesis Statement: The organization of youth soccer teams by birth year rather than graduation year, created by “US Soccer” has more downfalls than benefits.
The first reason why youth soccer teams should go by graduation year rather than birth years is because, middle schoolers going into highschool leaves half of a team alone for three months. This time difference (three months) can affect the relationships between the players that are gone to play high school soccer have a weaker relationship with the team. Then that time can also cause the relationships between the players who do not play high school soccer, because they are still in middle have a stronger bond with the coach and other players(stronger relationship). Creating a strong bond between the coach and players is very important. It helps create a team on and off the field, it helps communication, the playing style, and having smooth practices. When half of the team leaves for high school soccer that bond won’t be as strong. “ Having that three month gap can create confidence problems on the field for young women and men”(Sanchez). Tryouts for girls are in May and then we play with that team till august, which is three months. My high school tryouts are the last week of august and that when we take a break from our clubs teams. I know personally going from club soccer to high school soccer is challenging. For me, this is because of the quick transformation from one coaching style to another. Each coach has their…

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