Essay about The Organization Of Slutwalk : A Poster

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To support and contribute to the organization of SlutWalk, I created a poster. Rather than producing a video, which I originally planned to do, I decided a poster layout would effectively deliver the pictures better then a video. Just like my original plan, I decided to follow the victim blaming story of nine individuals. Although, rather than following their story from start to finish, I decided to take a snapshot of them during their recovery stage. The main platform that SlutWalk takes is to stop victim blaming as well as challenging the name placed on us by our harasser (SlutWalk 2015). In order to challenge the name, we must first remove all meaning of the word that harm us and turn it into one of the many positive words to describe us (SlutWalk 2015). The name of my poster is “Take back The Name Campaign”. The campaign poster highlights the idea of taking away the negative connotations a word has and than using it as a positive word to describe ones self. In the poster, all nine individuals are holing up a sign that states “I am...” and under that, the word the was once used to harass them. The purpose of taking this picture was to help them with their final stages of recovery. Once they can finally admit to themselves that this is what they are and its not a bad thing, the sooner they can recover. At the bottom of the poster, the line “I Am... What I Am:
But I Am Never “Asking For It” ” is stated because it strengthens the idea that these words are only here to…

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