The Oral History Of Oral History Essays

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After learning about the oral history project it appeared that it would be the same as every other project. A series of late nights slaving away on a laptop while stress levels are running high because of one big unknown, the grade you’re going to receive on the project. The oral history project, however, did a lot more than raise stress and waste time. Following the interview I walked away with accounts from my grandfather that I had never heard before and was honestly very surprised to hear. Additionally, I walked away from this experience with something that most projects rarely give you, a learning experience that will stick with me for many years to come. When I first contacted my grandfather about the interview he didn’t seem to understand the concept of an oral history account. Even after explaining the project and its goals though he still didn’t think I could learn anything more from him than I could from a textbook. Nevertheless, he was happy to do the interview and just a few days later at Easter dinner he was telling me about all the other things he began remembering following the interview. A defining moment from the interview based upon my listening was when my grandfather began talking about the Vietnam War on the news and all the protesting that accompanied it. Moreover, the hippies that were around during the period. This was most noticeable with the open ended questions. The first section of questions only yielded short answers, but when the interview…

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