The Opening Line Of Karl Marx 's Communist Manifesto Essay

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The opening line of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto claims that communism is a specter haunting Europe. This specter, however, was lively, not only in global history, but in literature. As communism took root in Russia and continued into Eastern Europe, allusions to communism became more present in literary works, not only from intellectuals in those areas, but Western intellectuals as well. Czeslaw Milosz, a Polish intellectual, claims that this increase in communist nations is a natural byproduct of the state’s requirement that literature relate to the Leninist-Stalinist doctrine. Despite this, there were multiple instances in which intellectuals utilized literature as a means to critique communism inside and outside the Bloc. In regards to historiography, there are a plethora of resources which detail the history and critiques of communism. This does not apply to the study of intellectual’s literary critiques of communism. While pursuing research regarding intellectuals’ literary critiques of communism, there were surprisingly few sources. In fact, when intellectuals’ critiques are mentioned it is generally focused on the intellectual individual, compacted into a few paragraphs, or included as a subsection in chapters about dissidence. Even then, little to no mention is made of their literary works or the critiques which those works express. The secondary source which I found to best recognize the critiques of intellectuals is Steven Saxonberg’s The Fall: A…

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