Essay On The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

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A paradox existed in the Soviet Union in 1989, as the movement that led to the eventual overthrow of communism was really launched by the Soviet Union itself. Multiple factors led to this overthrow. In addition, there were three key people who contributed, at least in part, to the demise of Communism. Gorbachev was the Soviet premier at the time and had a hand in the dismantling of the Soviet power structure. While he was not the one who started the ball rolling, he did contribute to where it landed. The Polish trade union ‘Solidarity’, led by Lech Walesa, also played a huge part in the fall of the Soviet Union. The third person to have some influence on the political situation, especially in Poland, was Pope John Paul II. While these factors and people contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union, its eventual collapse came from within.
Communism had begun to fail earlier than 1989; however
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The Soviet Union was hell-bent on obtaining nuclear weapons to rival America. It occupied several nations in Eastern and Central Europe and had every intention to spread communism to those countries and beyond. One of the ways that it could threaten Western powers, gain further control of their satellite countries as well as increase their legitimacy on the world stage would be to develop nuclear weapons and use them to threaten their enemies. This proliferation of nuclear weapons led to what would be called ‘The Cold War’. The Cold War shifted the mind-sets of several countries, both Eastern and Western, from conventional wars to wars of mutually assured destruction. Because of the Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of state, they resorted to fighting each other in non-direct confrontations, such as the war in South East Asia. This created a problem in the Soviet Union, as to fuel its growing military might, it had to detract from its civilian

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