The Only Child Of Anthony Hayselden And The Second Child Essay

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I was born February 10, 1995, at Hilo Hospital on the Big Island of Hawaii. Born to the parents of Renee Beall and Anthony Hayselden. I would be the only child of Anthony Hayselden and the second child of Renee Beall. My mom already had a 7-year-old son from a previous relationship. However, I’ve only lived with both parents, together, until I was about 2 years old. After that my mom gained full custody of me. When I turned 7 years old my mom decided that she wanted to move to the Island of Oahu. So, my brother, mom, and I packed all our belongings to move Islands. We made the move with my uncle Charles and his two daughters Charesa and Chelsie. My uncle Charles is my mom’s older brother. When we moved Island’s my dad stayed on the Big Island. But, I grew up living with my Uncle and his daughters, or living close by them. I would go back to the Big Island and spend the summers with my dad. But, the only company I had were older adults. Since, my dad lived with my grandparents and two uncles. And, there weren’t any kids around to play with. I briefly mentioned the people that had the most impact on my life. Overall, my dad, brother, and grandma had a hand in drastically altering my development. There injunctions are still influencing me, and have been since childhood.

I came to the conclusion that my dad had a negative impact on my development. One recollection I have that impacted me negatively was at the age of 3 years old. My dad decided to take me to a haunted house.…

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