The On The Streets Of Marina Beach Essay

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Eridan Ampora biked over the streets of Marina Beach, next to the steady flow of cars. It was early dawn, and the sunrise was a vibrant orange and red color. It reflected off of the large violet aquamarine on his bracelet. The sea breeze blew his hair back, and ruffled his light coat. Eridan couldn’t help but smile, as the daily commute to school was his favorite part of the day. The ocean loomed large and infinite in the background, imposing, but peaceful. It stirred something deep inside of him. He visited the beach on a near-daily basis.

Eridan stopped his bike next to the crossing light, and pressed the shiny metal button. He tapped his foot on the bike pedal, waiting for the cars to stop, absentmindedly pulling his phone out of his pocket. It was 7:47- he had a good ten minutes to get to school. He was a sophomore at Marina Public High School, pretty much the only high school in the area. In theory, there was nothing wrong with having only one high school in Marina Beach. It was a small town, and there were only a few thousand people living in it. Eridan had lived in Marina his entire life, and so had most of the people there. Out of all of those people, it seemed that no one had taken a liking to him. He wasn’t actively targeted as an object of ridicule (most of the time), but in his opinion, he was pretty tolerable.
The light had switched to the white walking sign, shaking Eridan out of his admittedly negative thoughts. He put his phone back in his pocket, and…

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