The On The Craft Of Writing Essay

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There is a novel and short story writer inside of me, patiently waiting to be released. During my thirty-four year career in the U.S. Military, I’ve deployed many times on combat missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. During all of this, I’ve written many notes, story ideas, recorded interesting events, and yearned to assemble all of this into well-written works. Using these experiences to draw from, I am confident that I have at least four novels ideas that if written correctly could be well received in mass markets and literary circles. I’m ready to begin studying and mastering the craft of writing. I’ve been writing feverishly this year and have almost completed the first draft of my first novel. I plan to edit, revise, and polish it over the next year and begin pitching it to agents before the end of 2016. The story addresses veterans mental health problems many other issues that soldiers experience after combat and leaving the military. Part of the first chapter is in this admission packet. It’s a good start, but it lacks the deeper meaning I want to express. I hope to publish it and donate the proceeds to charities that support combat veterans and their spouses. I want this first novel to be so well refined that when a publishing agent reads it, they will be confident and know it is ready for publication, and worthy of consideration for the big screen. I’m also aware of the realities of my first novel becoming a huge success. I am very motivated and ready to do…

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