Joel Friedlander: Methods And Philosophies About Book Writing And Publishing

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Joel Friedlander Interview Conducted By Jesse Krieger: Methods & Philosophies About Book Writing & Publishing

In the interview with Joel Friedlander he discuss how to build a book and which tools to use for successful marketing. Most people do not know how to build a book because it takes time and patience which is why it is best to consult professionals. The beautiful thing about ebooks is that they are versatile in getting large amounts of information into the hands of readers no matter how long the content. It is best to give away a few chapters on the internet as an advertising ploy to create monetization later. Stop thinking inside the book and switch your focus to what is outside the book.

Trends and cycles constantly change reflected
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It is best to focus on delivering a preferred message to the readers they prefer to hear. Always stay objective in your writing instead of focusing on a branch and missing the entire forest by consulting professionals to edit your work for a fresh perspective of exactly what you are attempting to say. The professionals will teach the intricacies of bookmaking; how they books sold, created and written, who the customers are, and help with overall planning. Simple things like getting the right font sizes, creating an attractive cover design, cost and marketing production would differentiate between success and failure. Author consultant services would help writers get into the right mindset to distribute their content effectively for a better profit on everything they …show more content…
Professional consulting services take the place of a publisher for a cheaper price allowing independent sellers to keep all the residual profit from the book. The key is getting people involved with your book beforehand by making announcements and sending reminders when your book is getting released. Some authors may not like the idea of marketing because they prefer to write and sometimes confuse the idea of marketing with pitching or selling; something they prefer not to do. Seminars help change their minds by teaching what marketing actually is which is talking about your passions and telling what the book is about instead of trying to sell it. It is important to practice and tailor a marketing pitch to each reader differently because an author would not market the book to a random person the same they would to a reporter or publisher. It is also best to present the book in a webinar series as the professionals will show you how to do correctly, effectively and concisely.

There is an obvious difference between an author and publisher and the seminars will show you how to comfortably combine the roles to come up with new content readers want to really become involved with, reaching a new level. Most publishers start off as writers and authors and although writers and authors typically do not like the process of publishing once they become

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