The On Side Effects On Health Act Essay

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This could be in a belief that the information on side effects may raise SU’s anxiety levels and reduce adherence to medications (Fernandez et al., 2006). However, not sharing information completely to SU with SMI could be reflected as not being truthful and ethically disrespecting SU’s autonomy to make fully informed decisions. Moreover, researchers clearly reported that psychiatrists also preferred sedation as one of the method of controlling SU’s aggressive behavior and acute psychosis in acute settings by using SGAs (Charlton, 2005). Furthermore, if a psychiatrist or responsible clinician believes that the SU is having a mental disorder and risk to self or others, then his/her informed consent will be compromised and the SU subject to have compulsory treatment under mental health act without their consent (Griffith, 2014).
Even though SGAs helping in one way SUs to get relief from their psychological distress, their associated side effects causing metabolic poisoning and cardiac problems (Panagiotopoulos, Ronsley & Davidson, 2009). For example, as I mentioned earlier about a SU diagnosed with type-2 diabetes after long-term use of clozapine. These type of situations causing ethical dilemma in health professionals because giving the medication to SU, in one way “doing good” to them by relieving their mental distress but at the same time “ doing harm” to their physical health.
Despite of experiencing therapeutic benefits, most of the SUs stopped taking SGAs due to their…

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