Ethical Issues In Obama Care

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Health is one of the biggest concerns in modern society. In 2012 the United States of America spent 2.8 trillion dollars just in healthcare (750 billion or 27% more than the per capita spends in other 1st world countries), yet The World Health Organization ranks United States’ health system performance 37th in the world. Regardless of its high expenses, 50.7 million Americans do not have access to an acceptable healthcare and even after the implementation of Obamacare the North American healthcare crisis is aggravated every day. Research done by the Harvard Medical School shows that no one dies due deficiency of healthcare in others industrialized countries. On the contrary, nearly 45.000 deaths occur annually due the lack of healthcare in United States and a 40% increased risk of death is …show more content…
In the exchange process, the subsidy available to an individual is chosen by his revenue and the insurance premium. The insured is free to choose any plan, but the tax credit remains the same, regardless of the choice. The dilemma is that Obamacare discourage business to expand and workers to work because when a business remains below fifty employees or the amount of hour an employee work is below thirty hours a week the employer mandate does not apply . Additionally, “Obamacare subsides are phase out very quickly as income rises” (, meaning that for every extra dollar an individual earn, not only is paid income and payroll dollars, but also the amount of money “you take home also goes down because the health insurance subsidy you get goes down” ( According to the University of Chicago, Obamacare imposes the third largest increase in tax rates in the past seven decades, which implies a long term loss to the economy of 5% of the Gross Domestic Product, or an $8000 dollars per household every

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