The On My Family 's Mahogany Table Essays

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CRASH! There goes the antique vase on my family’s mahogany table as it hurls down onto the floor breaking into millions of pieces as my parents purposefully whacked it off the table. My sister and I were trembling and sitting paralyzed in fear as we watched intensively while my mother and father argued in Vietnamese for another time. The battle between their words against each other felt like fire arrows landing on us and burning the very foundation of what I have relied on. At the time of this horror, I was only eight years old and my sister was only shy of being seven years old. During the tension and heated moments of the argument, I could not fully comprehend the complexity of the situation, but all I knew was that things were not looking great for the family. At the end of their verbal battle, my dad decided that he had enough of arguing back and forth and that he said that my mom needed to stay somewhere else for the night. He needed a break from her.
My sister and I decided to tag along with my mom for the car ride for the night. My mom was in tears and her eyes were swollen red while she was trying to navigate her way to a safe haven at her friends, but I could sense that my mother was trying her best to hide it and be strong although was not very successful at doing so. I broke the silence by asking, “Mommy, what happened to you and Daddy back there at home?”
My sister also chimed in repeating the same question, “Yeah mommy, why did dad yell at you like that?”…

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