The Olympics : A World Trade Power Essay

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The modern Olympics was also progressively becoming shaped by economic interests as shown by documents 5, 7, and 9. The Olympics offered the prospect of great economic prosperity and commercial gain to companies that sponsored them and to countries that hosted them. The mayor of Tokyo, Ryotaro Azuma, explains in document 5 that the Olympic Games of 1964, which Japan hosted, helped the country recover economically from their defeat in World War II and eventually grow as a world trade power. This was beneficial to international trade and encouraged other countries that upon seeing Japan’s gain from playing host to the Olympics may have desired a similar rise in trade and economic influence. The Olympics were a means of improving a country’s economy and could help a country rise to become a world power similar to how Japan did. Document 7 states that many companies outside of Korea (the location of the Olympics of that year) were making an effort to take advantage of the Olympics to advertise to an international audience. The Japanese Economic Journal commented that Korea has failed to use the opportunity of hosting the Olympics to establish its “industrial and economic power.” This means that the economic journal believes that the Olympics should be exploited for economic gain, something that Korea failed to make use of. Companies around the world vigorously campaigned to acquire worldwide attention by using the Olympics as an advertising platform. Advertising has been a major…

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