The 1938 Olympics: An Important Event In History

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The 1938 Olympics were an important event in history because the Nazi Party tried to use it for propaganda, Jesse Owens helped to end the rampant racism, and because it started to pit the world against Nazi Germany. The 1938 Olympics were held in Berlin. This was because the Olympic committee wanted to bring Germany back into global events after its defeat at World War one. The Nazis saw this as an opportunity to make the world see that they were nice and tolerant, and not racist and vicious like they actually were. The committee also saw the success of the winter games that they had held and assumed that this would be like that if not better. One of the things the Nazis didn’t really take into account is that other countries
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It somewhat helped the Nazi rise to power whilst at the same time exposing them for who they really are a bit more. With Jesse Owens victory it inspired people to try to end racism. I am also pretty certain that Germany cheated in a lot of the events thus making people hate the Nazi Party more. This event had a large effect the rest of the twentieth century.
The Olympics have long been a test of the human body’s capabilities. Every other year a summer or winter Olympics is held. These are both tests in different areas. The Summer Olympics test raw and refined physical ability. Whilst the Winter games measure ability and endurance. These are all important aspects of the human body. There are millions of athletes constantly training hoping to one day be able to make it to the Olympics because being able to set a record at the Olympics would make their career. These people need to know what the limits of the human body is so they can bend them. This is a problem though because limits are set to be beaten and broken in areas like this. Athletes also try to break them for a spot in the history books. The goal is to find out what the true limits of the human body are, or if there are any at

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