The Olympic Games : The Olympics Games Essay

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Started in Olympia, Greece in 1896, the quadrennial mega-event, namely the Olympic Games, has been widely spread in all around the world to draw attention among people with the sense of competition in sports. Today, the Olympic Games does not only represents the spirit of sport, but the emblem of global attention as well as achieving the world city status. The Olympic Games has certainly benefited the host cities from growing its place market, enhancing urban regeneration (Essex, 2000) and the improvement of environment. Yet, there are voices that consider the cost of the Olympic game overshadows the benefits. This essay discusses the true cost of the Olympic Games in the areas of economy, games divided, legacy planning of the host city and the actual benefits that the Olympic games brings to the community.

The imbalance of expenditure and revenue of the Olympic Games has always been an issue for the host city. According to Allison Stewart Bent and Flyvbjerg from the Oxford University, the Olympic game is consistent of cost overrun. Ashley Hall, the host of ABC NEWS Radio, also said that the Athens Olympic games in 2004 was regarded in financial disaster and that the debts accumulated for the Olympic was indeed the reason for current Eurozone financial crisis (Hall, 2012). Indeed, China has the most expensive cost of the Olympic Games on record, over $40 billion USD (Lees, 2008). The 2012 London Olympic has also cost $15 billion USD, which was a double of it projected…

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