The Old Man Living Across The Street Essay

2316 Words Oct 18th, 2016 10 Pages
To Live While they wait, she walks around the small living room again, lifting up the corners of the blinds and peeking out into the darkness. All the windows are closed, but she pushes down at each pane a little to be sure. She feels Timmy’s eyes on her back and she wants to scratch her neck with her torn nails. There aren’t many people around anyway. This was never a populous town, true, but now it’s practically empty. Mr. Wilson, a few houses down, left for bigger cities long ago with Timmy’s mother, soon after the only grocery store in the town closed. The sickly woman living in the house to their right hasn’t been out for nearly a month, and the stench of rot from that house has permeated the whole street. Grandpa Joseph, the old man living across the street who treats them like his own grandchildren — no need to worry about him. Perhaps nothing will happen even if she leaves the windows open, but shutting them tight helps stop the tremors in her hands a little. She sits back down next to the fireplace when she finishes, and hugs in her knees to stop herself from getting up to check again. Timmy is staring at the pot propped over the small fire, and she does too, looking at her watch every once in a while. Timmy’s stomach growls loudly and his face twitches. Thirty five minutes; that should have been enough time. She stands up and checks every window one last time, and finding no lights or sounds outside, she lifts the pot up. It seems agonizingly heavy to her weak…

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