The Old - Earth View And The Six - Day Creation ( The Young )

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I. Introduction
There are many similarities and differences when it comes to the nebular hypothesis (the old – earth view) and the six – day creation (the young – earth view). There is a lot of controversy, confusion, and debate over these two views. They have actually been debated for many years. In this paper, the two views, nebular hypothesis (the old – earth view) and the six – day creation (the young – earth view), will be compared to see just how similar and different these two views are.
II. Old – Earth Secular View
In the old – earth secular view, many people, basically, take the book of Genesis and twist and turn it around. It has been said that the “opinion for more than a century has been that our Sun and its system developed into its present form from an earlier nebular state,” (Aitken, 1906, p. 111) meaning that planets condensed and formed out of dust. This secular view also believes that “there was no intervention by a Creator, as the physical laws of the universe are adequate to explain everything” (Patterson, 2010). Meaning, God was not involved and is not said to have had any part in the creation; therefore, it just appeared out of dust and gas.
III. Young-Earth View
In the young – earth view, it is believed “that the creation days of Genesis 1 were six literal (24-hour) days, which occurred 6,000–12,000 years ago. They believe that about 2,300–3,300 years before Christ, the surface of the earth was radically rearranged by Noah’s Flood”…

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