The Odyssey An Epic Poem Essay

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In the Odyssey an epic poem written about Telemachus talks about a journey he has to face in order to keep his family together. Telemachus is the son of a king named Odysseus whom had to step up, and take his father’s place. In the poem it demonstrates encounters Telemachus along with his mother will face in order to reunite with his father again. In the Odyssey there are three main themes described; loyalty, strength/ suffering, and the power of the gods.
In the beginning of the Odyssey one seeks the loyalty in the poem. One example is Telemachus when his mother and himself have to await the departing of his father for tweeny years. The loyalty that Penelope has for her husband, and for her family is keeping her promise to always be loyal to Odysseus. She has been offered by many suitors to get married, and she has put it off by telling them that once she finishes weaving a shroud for Odysseus father Laertes. At knight she unweaves is hoping the suitors will not find out. Once the suitors find out she is unweaving the shroud at night she then seeks another plan, so she does not have to marry any of them. The next plan she came up with was telling the suitors who ever could shoot a twelve ax-helve socket she then would marry them. Throughout the poem Penelope still loves her husband even though he has not come back to Ithaca. Her loyalty is strong enough that she hopes her husband comes home soon to take over the kingdom. As Telemachus mother is seeking for ideas to save her…

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