Essay about The Objectification Of Chinese Education

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This Asian youth study has defined the neoliberal objectification of Chinese education through the PRC within the context of a Foucauldian and Marxists analytical perspective. Woronov’s (2004, 2009) analysis of the Chinese educational system defines the overt changes in PRC policies towards a more privatized and neoliberal vision of education for young people in China. In this perspective, Foucault defines the “power” of the government to defined on the conduct of governmental activities that illustrate the underlying Marxist view of the capitalist system and the problem of Chinese state in the professionalization of the young people in the educational process. This free market/neoliberal ideology is defined through measurement of student progress through the technological aspects of labor markets and competitive advantage for China in the global economy. The “patriotic professional” is another important theme of Zhang’s analysis of the education of Chinese students in preparation for the global labor force, which reveal a significant shift in the communist policies of education to the privatization of schools that accommodate class differentials in the neo-liberal ideology. In essence, an analysis of Asian youth culture will provide a Foucauldian and Marxist analysis of the neoliberal trends in the education of young people in the increasingly privatized and objectified systems of educational policies in the PRC.
In Chinese education, the technological advances made in the…

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