Essay on The Nursing Shortage Is A Crisis

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The nursing shortage is a crisis that has been rumored for years. Unfortunately, there are many truths to this rumor and every nurse has been affected by this shortage at some point in their career. Just in recent decades, the economy had led to the nursing shortage. The nursing shortage needs nursing programs and hospital programs to augment and graduate competent registered nurses that can step into the registered nurse role. All nurses need to join and support the American Nurses Association and other nursing groups so that those groups can go in front of our Legislatures, and get Bills passed to mandate overtime so that nurses are not exhausted and can give competent patient care.

The Nursing Shortage
In conclusion, the nursing shortage has and always will be around if some significant The nursing shortage has been an intense topic of discussion for many years. A nurse with numerous years of experience may know first-hand, due to putting in extra time at work voluntarily or involuntarily. The American Nurses Association projects that the nursing shortage will grow to a staggering 1 million RNs by the year 2020 if the nursing shortage is not aggressively addressed. (Zinn, Guglielmi, Davis, & Moses, 2012, p. 652). How did this shocking number become so disturbing? Two decades ago registered nurses flooded the healthcare industry. The economy was flourishing, nursing jobs overtook the newspaper classified ads. Registered nurses seized the opportunities to seek…

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