The Nurse In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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The Role of The Nurse in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
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At first the nurse admires Romeo "Why he is a man of wax" (Act 1 Scene 3) but warns him not to lead her into "fools paradise" (Act 2 Scene 4) because Juliet is young. She turns against Romeo when he kills Tybalt "Will you speak well of him that killed your cousin" (Act 3 Scene s) "Shame come to Romeo (Act 3 Scene 2). When Juliet needs the nurse most "Comfort me, council me" the Nurse lets her down and tells her to forget Romeo and marry Paris. Then Juliet ends their friendship.


Romeo and Juliet died needlessly, and it was mainly the people around them who were fighting and disagreeing about their relationship. Romeo and Juliet tried to keep away from the fighting but they were made unhappy by the people around them who were interfering. They refused to split up and took risks to stay together which led to their deaths.

Romeo falls in love with Juliet and he blames fate or misfortune for everything that goes wrong, after he kills Tybalt he then sees the seriousness of what he has done but he blames the starts rather than himself. "O I am fortune's fool"

Juliet is different she blames her birth for what has gone
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The Friar had good intentions but he gets too involved and it is left up to him to ensure everything goes as planned. He goes behind Juliet's parents back but he does have a good reason for this "These violent delights have violent ends" When his plan goes wrong he accuses fate, "Unhappy Fortune" So really it could be that Friar Laurence is one of the main people who could have been to blame for the deaths as it was his plans that went wrong although Romeo and Juliet thought he was very helpful and always had a solution for their problems.

I think that if all the families had stopped arguing and disagreeing, Romeo and Juliet would not have died as they would not have needed to sneek around to see each other and sort out complicated plans to be together. They would have been like a normal couple and got married to each other. For this reason I think that there was not one

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