Essay about The Nuclear Of Nuclear Power

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Beginning in the 1960’s nuclear power was believed to be an attractive alternative to fossil fuels and was even referred to as the energy source of the future. To the uninformed the use of nuclear energy may seem frightening because the only thing rumored is the negatives like: the waste, major spills of material and disastrous radioactive accidents, but there are many benefits from the use of this energy source such as: saving millions of lives, a mass reduction of pollution, and an advancement of technology. Although it may take a long time, society will benefit from this energy source.

The reason why we should support the use of nuclear energy is because, “scientists have estimated that if all the accidents at nuclear reactors were averaged out, they might cause as many as forty-five deaths per year” (Nuclear Energy). An example of a nuclear accident would be on April 26, 1986, Chernobyl, Ukraine saw the world’s worst nuclear disaster. An explosion at a newly built nuclear power plant released 3 percent of the radioactive material located in the Chernobyl reactor. The remaining 97 percent is still being contained by the deteriorating concrete shell still inside the reactor. Although this incident changed millions of lives, there has been research done with newer innovative technology that has helped scientists understand what would cause an error and cause a reactor to blow up. Even though there is always a risk of something going wrong at a nuclear plant, “supporters…

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