The Note On The Key Of Happiness Essay

802 Words Dec 1st, 2015 4 Pages
The Key To Happiness! Everyone wants to be happy but people aren’t always great at predicting what will make them happy. When we are asked the question what makes us happy? We jump to a conclusion really quick without actually knowing what happiness really is. We all have different definitions of happiness and that is good because no one’s is going to be the same. For instance, someone’s happiness could be finding a shoe sale or watching the sunset at the beach another could say getting married and having kids. But many would say as long as you have money you are the happiest, because money can get you anything you want. That is to say, you are not happy if you do not have money. After doing some research I have come to the conclusion that there are three main causes to happiness.
One reason that causes happiness is spending time with family or any one that you see as family. Well at least for me that is one of the factors that will lead to happiness. For instance, family gatherings or get-togethers play a huge role in happiness. Like you are with the people that love and care for you. Not to mention that is when your make the most loving memories. Also sharing emotions and feeling is what brings everyone close to one another. Simply by telling your love one how much you care for them is all it takes to bring a smile to their face. Even just by making time to see each other is what keeps the family together. Ad well having family is what brings happiness to everyone.…

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