The Nostalgic Memory Of Sticky Honey Essay

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Jews are blessed with unique traditions, but at this time of year we relish in the nostalgic memory of sticky honey. And what a paradox is this sweetest of delights! For one thing, honey comes from a non-kosher insect. For another, honey, like yeast, causes fermentation which also symbolizes the willful way we can boil over with pride, conceit and arrogance. Honey is tricky to harvest and everyone knows that a teensy bee can bring fear to our heart because of its fearsome ability to sting with a fiery pain.
And still! Every Rosh Hashanah we fall in love with honey once again and enthusiastically ask for a Shanah Tovah U 'mituka, a good and sweet year. Quite soon after sharing the blessing, we sink a slice of locally harvested apple into good raw honey and the deal is sealed. Traditionally, it is proper to serve honey with every major meal from Rosh Hashanah until after Sukkot. Lekach or Honey cake is often the answer to this tradition as little is more delicious than a honey-sweetened cake. Of course the balabusta will use a fair amount of eggs, oil, salt, and baking powder but ancient recipes abound for a traditional honey cake to be baked with an equal weight of white rye flour and dark honey, strong coffee, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and maybe some golden raisins, slivered almonds decorating the top.
The practice of honey collection and beekeeping dates to Torah times and is also evidenced by cave paintings. Rabbinical interpretation of the Torah’s honey is that…

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