The North Korean Space Program Essay

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North Korea has been at odds with most of the world for quite some time. Following the division of the country in 1948, North Korea has been arguably the least transparent country in the world. The rise of super power nations such as the United States, Russia, and China has made North Korea even more non-transparent. North Koreans have kept much of their military research and development, space program, and every day life under tight lock down. Present day North Korea is not much different. However, their ambitions of becoming a space faring nation have been in the spotlight as of recently. Which leads to the question: Is North Korea developing rockets and other launch vehicles for the national glory of reaching space? Or, is the country developing long-range ballistic missiles in order to attack other nations, specifically, the U.S. This research paper will analyze the history of the North Korean space program, examine the current infrastructure of their space program, and finally, discuss some of the future plans for North Korea and their space program. Emphasis will be placed on the military applications and ramifications of a militarized North Korean space program.
In comparison to other space faring nations, North Korea’s space program is extremely young. For example, the U.S. space program has been alive and well for well over 50 years. North Korea claimed to launch its first satellites into space in…

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