The Manhattan Project: The Spread Of Nuclear Weapons

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Scientists working in the United States during WWII built the first nuclear weapons. The U.S. Government supported this during a program called the Manhattan Project. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the order to begin work on the first atomic bomb, and physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer directed the project. When the project was started, the United States feared that the Nazi 's were making a weapon of the same tier. Their goal was to produce the weapon first, and they succeeded in doing so. The spread of nuclear weapons is called nuclear proliferation. The easiest way to stop the spread of nuclear weapons is to get rid of them in all, and make sure no country has these weapons. Almost from the time the first atomic bomb was exploded, there has been strong public pressure for the control of nuclear arms. Every country thought that control of these weapons meant world power but this turned out wrong. For example when George Bush felt that Iraq had …show more content…
10, 2005, North Korea announced that it possessed weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons. Earlier that month, scientists discovered that North Korea had provided Libya with uranium in order for them to create their nuclear weapons program which is now abandoned. This raised new concerns about Pyongyang 's role in the trade in nuclear technology and raw materials. Countries felt that North Korea could try and solve their problems economically by trying to sell their knowledge of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology. In May the United States deployed F-117 stealth fighter planes to South Korea. North and South Korea held bilateral talks that month for the first time in ten months. The nuclear talks were halted until North Korea figured to rejoin negotiations, which resumed for three weeks on July 26. “It is totally unacceptable that we were within 15 minutes of all-out nuclear war.” 
Rep. Curtis Weldon, was referring to a 1995 failure of Russia’s early warning

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