The North And South Territories Of The United States Essay

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The North and South territories of the United States developed in different ways during the 1800s. The North favored small farms over large plantations, went through an Industrial Revolution, and established many large cities. On the other hand, the South utilized large-scale farms and slave labor to grow cash crops such as tobacco and cotton. The stark differences between these two cultures led to many disagreements that ultimately drove the South out of the Union. There were many catalysts such as John Brown’s raid and the Election of 1860 that depicted the hatred between the two sides. The two opposing opinions on slavery led to the secession and eventually the Civil War in 1861. John Brown’s Raid and the Election of 1860 highlighted why the institution of slavery, or the Constitution’s acceptance of one man being the owner of another human being, was the main factor in causing the southern states to secede. John Brown’s Raid depicted the hostility between the abolitionists of the North and Southern slave owners, which was the basis on which the Southern states seceded. John Brown, a passionate abolitionist, aimed to distribute weapons to Southern slaves to inspire slave uprisings. Abolitionists like John Brown disregarded the Southerner’s laws about slavery such as the Fugitive Slave Act. Southerners described their irritation with the North when The Richmond Whig wrote, “recent events have wrought almost a complete revolution in the sentiments, the thoughts, the hopes,…

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