The Noli And El Malolos Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… All of this probably has been written in the past. The admirations of the Noli and El Fili are somewhat written in many ways, so I would not write about it for it has been read many times. I will take the road less travelled but I think it has a great impact on the readers. I would like to give my view on what Rizal wrote on the young women of Malolos. He said that he admired the bravery of these women to no longer be flowers without perfume or fruits without sap. In the times of Rizal women are just plain housewives, as he mentioned just taking care of the babies and at night praying the novenas. Women back then are of little importance to the community. But the young women of Malolos were one of the first to fight to have an education. They no longer want to feel useless. They are the first to make their voice be heard without fear, asking for equality. An attribute that Rizal so admired in his writing. The young women of Malolos wanted to add something on their intellect by having access to instructive books. By having to learn the Spanish language, to have equal opportunities with knowledge, knowledge that is the key of having a bright future, knowledge that provides information, knowledge that …show more content…
Education that is somewhat being taken for granted by many. Some students resort to dropping out. Why would they do that? While back then the women of Malolos are fighting for education? Education is the most important aspect in the development of a person, as well as country, in fact the whole world as well. It is the trait that helps us to deal with our day to day living. Without education life will be very difficult to live since we don’t have the proper tool or knowledge to face the challenges. So, to me this is one of the things that have an impact. A great deal to be given much thought. Because according to some teachers today education among youth is fast diminishing. What would become of us? What would become of the country that Jose Rizal died for? Let us not put to waste what our ancestors put together. Let us embrace their “pamana”. Even if this saying is true “only in their dreams can a man be truly happy and free”, let us not forget the lives of those who perish to set us free. Let us help in guiding the youth. Help them find the right path, the path of righteousness. It may be difficult but we have to try. And another thing that caught my attention is the dedication of the book to the three martyrs of Cavite, Fathers Gomez, Zamora and Burgos. Although he was away and still just a little child when the execution of the three priests happened, he never forgot what they did. He said that they are victims of injustice. This type characteristic is very rare nowadays. He did something good for others without his own agendas in mind. Is there a man of that quality now? Men today will do whatever it takes just to satisfy his needs and wants. Just like the character of Simoun in El Fili. He befriended the enemy just to get even. He laughed with them, dined with them but with a dark purpose. Simoun, in his quest for vengeance did evil things. He wanted to do good by having done the bad.

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