Essay on The Night - Original Writing

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The room was dark and it was raining as soft music played in the background. However, it wasn’t just raining outside because tears were also raining down my face in what a weatherman would have affectionately called a heavy down poor. Beth March, from Little Women, had just passed beyond the earthly realm into the pearly gates of heaven. And, as a fifth grader for reasons I could not tell you at the time I was crying my own personal rainstorm in my bedroom while it rained outside my window. I Remember the day as if it happened yesterday. Although it seems rather mundane in some instances it is a moment in time that forever changed my life for the better. The truth is, when I walk into a library I act like a kid in a candy store. I was that kid who always had a book to indulge myself in no matter the time or place. Too put it simply when I was brought forth from my mother’s womb I had a book in my hand. Therefore, it is safe to assume that in fifth grade I was the student who not only loved when the teacher told us to read silently to ourselves, I was also the student who adored library time at school. Whenever, travels were made to the library I never left empty handed even if I arrived there with nothing in mind to check out. I was a regular Hermione Granger and I was proud of it. Well, when I made the once a week pilgrimage down to the library one day I for possibly the only time in my life ever didn 't know what treasure I was going to leave…

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