The Nice Things About Growing Up From A Very Young Age Essay

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One of the nice things about growing up in Canada was that I was exposed to multiple cultures at a very young age. This has given me the upper hand when meeting people of different cultures in the United States. I am very fortunate to have a best friend who is from Eastern Europe and has welcomed me into her home on many occasions for me to experience their cultures. Valerie, or Valeriya, Khaletskaya is one of my very close friends who grew up in a cultural completely different then my own. Her cultural background is Russian, and her family still celebrates and performs all the cultures holidays and traditions, so I thought she would be the perfect candidate for my Summer Interview. If like to clarify before going any further into this but there were "cultural communicational barriers" when I asked her specific questions. We 've always been very open about our personal lives but I 've never really asked for much about her family. So what did become difficult for her at one point understand several of the questions I asked him how to raise her answers in order for me to understand. That in mind, here is what I was able to gather from our interview, which I might add, I found to be very intriguing and learning more about my friends and I would 've ever had without this class.

Interview Questions

When we began the interview, she was able to give me specific detail about what is your family back from what I have learned from her, was that her grandparents…

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