Fidelis Ad Mortem: The New York City Police Department

Carlson Brebnor
Policing Society
Local Police Dept. NYPD The New York Police Department is the largest municipal police force in the United States. The primary responsibilities of the police force is to enforce the law and investigate crimes in the five boroughs. The New York Police Department is one of the oldest departments in the United States. There are approximately 34,500 uniformed police officers working within 76 precincts, 12 Transit Districts and 9 Housing Police Service Areas. There are over 300 units within the police department including, the K-9 unit, Aviation, Budgeting & Accounting, Crime Scene Unit, Detective Bureau, Electronics Section and many more. Each of these officers are offered special benefits for their services such as unlimited opportunities. NYPD’s motto is the Latin phrase “Fidelis Ad Mortem” The phrase mean Faithful unto Death. This phrase first came about in 1872. The citizens used this phrase to serve as gratitude towards the policemen for keeping the city peaceful and surviving the civil war draft riots in 1863. The flag of the police department consist of green and white stripes and 24 stars within a blue square. There are five green and stripes which represents the five boroughs of New York, the blue represents the police department and the 24 stars represent 23 towns and villages that formed together to create New York city. The 24th star represents the city itself. New York had its first taste of law enforcement in 1625. At this time New
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Both the patch and the officer’s shield is modeled after the seal of New York City. In the center of the patch lies the scale of justice balanced on rods and sticks with an axe blade on top. All of these are tied together. The bundles are named fasces which were carried by roman magistrates as a symbol of power. Beneath the fasces is an inverted V (Chevron) that has 5 stars which represent the 5

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