Michael Dawd's Police Misconduct

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Michael Dowd committed many different police misconducts while he was a police officer working for the New York City Police Department. Michael admitted to committing hundreds of crimes while wearing a badge and violating his sworn oath as an officer. According to the documentary (Seven Five | SHOWTIME, n.d.) Michael stated that while he was going through the police academy he didn’t take the academy seriously. Michal admit that he had no remorse about what he was doing, he knew that as a police officer was going against his oath. Michael would use abuse of authority while on duty for no proper cause. One misconduct that Michael committed was he engaging in extortion. Extortions is considered having someone to do something against their will. His new partner was warned that he was a bad guy, but Michael wanted to persuade him otherwise. So, they could be able to work together and create criminal acts without him telling the authority.
The reason that Michel engaged in extortion is because he claims it was considered a part of survival; he also engaged in the use of narcotic drugs (Seven Five | SHOWTIME, n.d.). Michael was supposed to be doing the right things as the good officers would do, but he was selling and doing drugs. Michael and his partner committed these unlawful crimes willing not thinking
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According to the documentary, Michael partner did not want to turn him in to authority, because that would make them be considered “rats”. They depend on each other to survive out there in the cold cruel world. Michael was heavy on drugs he began doing more drugs than he sold. His partner Kenny wanted to get him some help, but he did not know where to turn as the game began to get more competitive. Michael was arrested by the Suffolk County for the conspiracy to sale of narcotics, and arrest along with his

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