The New Trend Of Civil Engineering Essay

1939 Words Dec 14th, 2016 8 Pages
The new trend in civil engineering is nothing other than road architecture, where traditional roads are modified with a pinch of garbage. The serving purpose of the new technology of roads is to recycle wastes that are just cluttering the earth. Traditional concrete and asphalt roads are made from crushed minerals then mended together with a base material. The problem here with traditional roads is the waste of heat and the poor quality; the tar coating tends to let water seep through and over time the road just decomposes itself, forming pits and cracks. India and the Netherlands are the known countries for cultivating plastic wastes and turning it into a reinforcement material in bitumen. Plastic is not identified as a biodegradable material – meaning the object cannot be decomposed by bacteria or living organisms. Thousands of plastic wastes are tossed into the landfill every month after being used, and unfortunately end up in places other than the landfills. Civil engineers and researchers developed plastic roads in the purpose of creating “greener” methods by using plastic wastes. Wanting to explore deeper into this trend, the following question was created: How does the adoption of plastic-reinforced roads benefit the society and environment in the long term? Points will be brought up to support and discuss this topic: how a man in India made use of the non-biodegradable material, the design of a new manufacturing and recycling system, potential hazards of plastic…

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