The New House - Original Writing Essay

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When the pixie stepped out of the rhododendrons, Abigail gave it only the barest attention before she returned to the half finished daisy chain snaking in the grass before her. She saw fairies in the garden all the time. This one didn 't look very interesting. She might talk to it later, if she had nothing better to do. Pixies only startle people who don 't expect to see them, otherwise it 's just like seeing a rabbit, or a butterfly, or other common garden creature. This was the sixteenth pixie Abigail had encountered since moving to the new house. She knew, because she 'd counted.

The house in the country had been her father 's idea. Something about bracing country air and living in green and not grey. Abigail hadn 't really listened. It didn 't make much difference to her where they lived, so long as wherever it was had books and pencils and big windows you could stare out of and watch people through. The new house had the books and the pencils and even the windows, though there were no people to watch through them.

The new house also had a garden. It was green and had daisies in it and there was a beehive in the corner which you weren 't allowed to go near in case you got stung. There was a bush which scratched your arms and your face if you didn 't take care. There was an apple tree you could sit in and read your book, if you promised not to tear your clothes. There were animals which dug under the fence and stole the vegetables and the strawberries. There…

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