The Neumann And Stanley Families Essay examples

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The Neumann and Stanley families put the “dream” in “The American Dream.” As Frontline covers their situation over the course of two years, we experience the struggles of job insecurity, poverty, and foreclosure. We see not only how the parents are impacted but also the children in the home. Toward the end of the Frontline segment, we are shown how the children learned from their parents and their upbringing. We see the true opportunity for upward mobility in American society today, as well as the importance of a higher education. The Stanley and the Neumann families have a lot in common. Both families live in Milwaukee, attend religious services on a regular basis and have hardworking and caring parents. The families also are similar in that they struggle almost consistently. They move from job to job, barely making ends meet. The Neumann and Stanley families both suffer loss over the two years they were followed. The Stanley couple’s relationship buckled under the pressure of poverty and stress, ultimately leading to their divorce and the loss of the family home. The Neumanns lost a family business that they had started. Most of the children in the home learn a great deal from their parents’ difficulties. Some take heed of the warnings flashing in front of them, others somehow cannot avoid following in their parents’ footsteps.
The opportunity for upward mobility in America is an easy concept to follow until one sees the struggle of those like the Stanley…

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