Essay on The Nervous System And The Endocrine System

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Describe at least three major differences between the nervous system and the endocrine system, and then explain how they work together to facilitate our bodily functions.

There are several major differences between the nervous system, and the endocrine system. First, the most dramatic difference is that the nervous system works very quickly, in less than a second it can accomplish its task of sending electrical impulses to an organ for response. While the endocrine system 's task of sending hormones to receptors can take much longer sometimes more than a day. Another note of temporal difference, is that the nervous system 's response lasts a short time, but the endocrine 's system response can last a long time. Lastly, as noted in the temporal differences, the nervous system sends electrical impulses to the organs to get them to react, and the nervous system sends hormones to get the organs to react. As a result, these two systems work together with the nervous system sending impulses and the endocrine system triggering hormones, causing a reaction on organs for homeostasis and the well-being of the human body. The disruption of the right balance and temporal regularity of hormones and impulses can cause disease in the human body. These systems rely on each other, and one could not be without the other.

Describe the general functions and numbers (in humans) of the different kinds of leukocytes (WBCs).

There are five different leukocytes in the human body, and their…

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