The Negative Impact Of Social Networking Sites Essay

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The negative impact of social networking sites
Social networking sites are programs that allow people to create an account to share or post information, picture, video, comments, and status with others. Nowadays, social networking sites have become an important thing in peoples ' lives. In addition, many people including teenagers use many social networking sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace to identify people who have common interests and stay connected. Almost all people use social networking sites because they can easily do all of our tasks such as our researching, shopping and also banking with the Internet. The most important thing is that we can access all information, just a click away! However, social networking sites are not as innocent as we think it is. Whereas it provides us a lot of benefits, we have to be careful while using social networking sites because it has a great number of privacy problems, in this research, I’m going to write about privacy, indiscriminate posting, and health risks linked to social networking sites for teenagers. First of all, the privacy is really the most significant thing for the users of social networking sites. It is well known; users can share their personal information and their daily routine on their pages or wall of social networking sites. All of these data are often available information for other users that are added to be friends. Sometime, users share their location by posting pictures that have the…

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