Social Media Derimental Effect

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The Detrimental Effect
Social Networking sites are meant to connect the world, but what is supposed to be a good thing, can also be harmful. One of the most recognized and most powerful, social media sites, was created by a Harvard student by the name of Mark Zuckerburg, in his dorm room back in two thousand and three; but was not launched until February fourth, two thousand and four, it is known as Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook, with the hopes and idea of connecting the entire world. Although Mark Zuckerburg’s idea was for the greater good, there is a lot of reasons on why it is harmful. First of all, bullying is a major problem in todays world. Although in the past bullying only consisted mainly of physical bullying; but with
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Third reason on why social networking sites, and apps can be a negative thing and harmful is when I was seventeen years old, I created my own social networking site and released it to my friends, within days it spread like an uncontrollable wildfire within one week more than half the school was using my social network, and within another week my entire high school and some of the other high school near by were using my social network daily, it was a very cool and amazing feeling, but unlike Mark Zuckerburg, and how he created it to connect the world, I created it because I was tired of how Facebook was being ruined by countless amount of ads for a bunch of ridiculous things that you would not care about knowing, but as having so many people use my social network I created may sound awesome and cool; it can also be a very negative thing, not for me specifically, but for some of the people that used my social network, in fact just as the giant social network icons such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat; my social network experienced the same exact thing, cyber bullying and at first I was able to monitor the activity of all cases related to cyber bullying; it started to become utterly impossible to control it and delete all

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