The Negative Impact Of Globalization

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Topic: Globalisation is a gendered phenomenon. Discuss the impacts of globalization on the lives of women in developing countries and how this might impact on transnational crime. Use Examples.

Globalisation is simply defined as a process of increasing interconnectedness between societies in such that events in one part of the world increasingly have effects on people and societies far away (Globalization and world politics textbook). According to HAWKESBURN, globalisation is a gendered phenomenon as it affects man and women differently in terms of socio economic changes that subsequently impacts on power relations. Whilst, globalisation comes into effect, some of its aspects facilitates transnational crime because it has been one of the
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According to united nation activities, transnational crimes is now recognized as a pressing global problems; diminishing barriers of language, communication, information, technology transfer and growing transnational characters of crime as globalisation of the economy increases”. Moreover, economic empowerment of women is one of the major aspects for the existence and the increase of transnational crime. Transnational criminals through the ideologies of poverty, racism and the need to find employment target majority of victims in the developing nations, which are mostly women. This is outlined in Trafficking in persons report, 2010), that woman is accounted for at least 56 per cent of all trafficking victims. Moreover, according to women’s victim, ‘democratization of socialist countries has resulted in huge losses for women at the economic levels, and these changes have made women from theses countries particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation’. This is demonstrated in Human trafficking and the developing world, “ almost all victims of human trafficking originate in developing countries, as much as 89 per cent are destined for developing countries and many of the traffickers are citizens of developing countries”. Another impact of the economic empowerment of …show more content…
Within the transnational crime, there are various different factors that might be affected through empowerment of women’s NGO. This includes; human trafficking, drug trafficking, sexual exploitation and more. In addition, one of the main aspects of transnational crime influenced by empowerment of women’s NGO is human trafficking. According to World Vision, human trafficking is akin to modern day slavery and occurs when people are forced into exploitative situations for profit. This is evident in world vision, ‘ it is estimated that nearly 21 million people are trafficked for profit around the world today.’ Specifically, women’s and girls are commonly reported for sexual exploitation. This is outlined in UNODC, 49 per cent of detected victims are adult women. Hence, numerous responses are developed by NGO’s to combat transnational crimes. These responses include: awareness of trafficking through campaign radios, television, print media and through offering range of services to repatriated and rescued victims. Take the case of Edo State in Nigeria that has been idealised for illicit trafficking of women for sexual exploitation. Hence, with the assistance of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and numbers of Ngo in Edo state, the organisations were able to combat trafficking women out of Edo state and European countries. For

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