The Negative Essay: Is Technology Good Or Bad?

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People have different reasons for why technology is good or bad. Both sides have good reasons. The question is, is all this technology making everything easier or making humans dumb? This question can be answered in many different ways. According to Chamorro-Premuzic, if people did not have their cell phones then one would be unable to recall their to do list, where one needs to go, or even keep up with boredom. According to Katie M, technology not only moves our world forward into a new and advanced era, but it connects the world in a way that nobody thought it could. Many people do not call anybody anymore. They just text, because they say it is faster. In some cases texting is faster than calling, but not all the time. After doing some research, posture pump found that texting can harm one’s spine. The average person tilts his or her head between 15-60 degrees to read and answer his or her texts (Posture Pump). …show more content…
Some people have to use technology for their everyday job. Without technology, some of them may not have a job at all. For an example, hospitals use technology to tell the pharmacies what medicine they need. They do not only have it for themselves, but it also saves time for the customers. The bad part of having a job that lives around technology is that when the technology goes down, one cannot work. The employee has to wait for the technology to get fixed. Technology does have its disadvantages as well with its advantages. A big reason why technology is needed today is that people need to know what is going on around the world. Other countries are having major issues and as a result the United States is having to step in. We would not know anything about this stuff if there was not technology to deliver the information across the world. Also people have to know things about the presidency. People want to know what their candidates are like. The government needs

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